Today’s Gear: Typical Work Day


Starting at the office then out for the day for meetings and sales calls. Here’s what I packed:

– 13″ MacBook Pro
– 13″ Red Casenova laptop sleeve 😉
– laptop charger
– iPhone (not shown, used it to take the picture)
– earbuds
– wireless mouse
– USB jump drive
– notepad
– small notebook
– order forms
– keys
– snack/lunch
– stack of business cards
– 2 pens


While choosing a laptop bag!!!

Laptops are something that a lot of population has invested in. For every professional and student, laptop is a basic need. The edge that a laptop has from the desktop is its portability. Laptop can be carried along anywhere and so the important data that user needs is always with him. He can work from anywhere. The portability of a laptop makes it expensive and so it is important to secure it form any breakage while traveling. Laptop bags prevent them from any kind of possible damage although they can only resist to an extent, they are still handy and safe for our laptops.

Everything has been considered as fashion statement now and so are the laptop bags. Earlier when the laptops were invented and introduced to the world the bags were made of leather and other heavy synthetics. Laptops were also comparatively larger than now they are. But now with the size of reducing laptops the size of carry bags for them is also decreasing. They are available in different sizes.

Students On campus
While choosing a laptop bag one should consider certain facts and choose according to it:


A laptop bag is made to carry the machine and carry it safely. The bag should be cushioned from sides and bottom to protect laptop.


Size will depend on the laptop that you carry. The bag should be fit enough to save it from shocks.


Shape is what differs for every user as per his priority. The kind of job you are into. The nature of your job should decide the shape of your laptop bag. They come in 3 different shapes, Shoulder bags, sling bags and sleeve bags.

There is lot to choose from for a laptop bag and they do not even look like bags. I personally like the laptop sleeves but the choice is made on the nature of your job.